When you exercise, few of the simplest movements can lead to the greatest gains to your body and this is indeed the case with planks. In order to do a plan, you have to hold your body off the ground, ensuring that you create a straight line. In case you’re someone who has never tried a plank, it may look too easy to be beneficial but that’s indeed deceiving. Holding on to the position of plank takes endurance and strength in your back, core and abs.

The plank is considered as one of the best exercises for conditioning the core but it also works your hamstrings, glutes, improves balance and fosters proper posture. Let’s get more info on the health benefits of planks.

  • A properly toned belly

Planking will allow you to build your deep inner core muscles which lay the base of your 6-pack look. Once your abdomen muscles get stronger, the middle section of your body will gradually strengthen and tighten. However, you also need to keep in mind that if you wish to get 6-pack abs, you’ve got to shed fat. Among men, they would have to shed body fat for about 6%-9% if they wish to get the perfect 6-pack abs.

  • Eliminates all kinds of back pain

Planks are extremely helpful for back pain as they strengthen the core and thereby offer a pleasant side-effect to reduce back pain. Planks even strengthen your back muscles, particularly the ones in the upper back. In short, it is an excellent way of strengthening the core.

  • Increases flexibility

While planks can build strength, they can also increase flexibility in your posterior muscle groups. The muscles around your collarbone, shoulders, and shoulder blades will stretch and expand as your hamstrings and arches of feet and toes will also get stronger. If you can do a side plank, this also stretches your sides and helps you become stronger.

  • Enhances your mood

Virtually, every single exercise has got its potential to uplift your mood and planks are not an exception. They’re unique in their own way as they help you stretch and relax muscle groups which often become stiff due to sitting for a long time. The tension release which planks offer usually uplifts your free spirit.

  • Improves your posture and balance

In order to do a plank in the right way, you need to engage your abs in order to stay upright. For building balance, side plans are beneficial and planks which are performed on a stability ball are also helpful enough. Planks help work all the muscles and keep your posture straight.

Therefore, in case you’re still doubtful about which exercise to do in order to maintain the right posture, you should definitely consider planks to reap the above mentioned benefits.